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How to Remove Food Coloring From Skin

by Christa Titus
When working with food coloring, you can avoid staining your skin by wearing long gloves and a long-sleeved shirt. Sometimes stains are inevitable, however, since blending the ingredients can cause them to spatter and spray the coloring outside the mixing bowl. If food coloring comes in contact with...
  • angel rowe

    How To Remove Food Coloring From Hands @Amy Lyons Lodice i just did this and it works!

  • Sarah

    How To Remove Food Coloring From Hands - if you do crafts with young kids and food coloring you'll want to pin this. I had a kid turn into a smurf and the shaving cream worked wonders :)

  • Crystal Dudash

    me and Jacoby just had to do this cause we were coloring NOODLES!! it worked GREAT! took it all off!! =))

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