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  • Lindsey Rene

    I don't have, nor do I want kids, but this is a cute idea. Your childrens' pictures with clock underneath with time they were born.

  • Ticcia Hanes

    The Best of Times - photos of kids with clocks set to time of birth beneath..very cool idea!

  • Stacey Fast McLaren

    Don't know if I would need all those clocks but it is a super cute idea for a photo wall with each birth time.

  • Beth Huskins

    Even though I dont have kids, this is a cute idea for someone who does.. The Best of Times... Clocks are stopped on each of the children's birth times.

  • Dina DeLong

    No kids here - but - what a great idea!! The Best of Times... Clocks are stopped on each of the children's birth times.

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Could do something like this if I modified the arms of a clock to be loosely telescoping so they only display 3-9.

Mini fridge in island for the kids,or for extra cold space needed for holidays & special occasion prep. Add to end of island!

A pic of your child and a clock set to the time when he/she was born. (No battery in clock, obviously) Great idea!

Quiet morning time on the 1st day of Daylight Savings - when the rest of the family are sleeping I get to have some quality alone time:)

LOVE this wall of framed pics arranged around the vinyl lettering "Love You To the Moon & Back".

lovely postcard design with #clocks about #time

Photos of your kids above a clock stopped at the moment they were born :) LOVE THIS

time out chair- HA!! love it! i can see needing this is the future with our busy little guy. ;)

The best of times - clocks stopped at the times they were born

time out chair. I want one!! Next project!

Omg! Where do I get this?!? I don't know who would have more fun, me or the little guy. Lol