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  • Anna Elisabeth

    I love dogs! so sweet!

  • Fern Illidge

    they are the best friends anyone could ever ask for! touched my heart...

  • Christina Newberry

    Dogs <3 So sweet. Of course, it's a pitbull.

  • Landra

    I am not even a dog person, but this absolutely melted my heart!! So sweet!!

  • Misty Bible

    donttouchmyostrich: irishsunshineofmeh: nerdgirlwonder: withallthecolorsoftherainbow: It’s cool, I didn’t need my heart.. *sobs* I really hope every single goddamn person who reblogged this still doesn’t claim that pit bulls are killers. Because this is so vicious, right? I’m very defensive of this breed I have one and he is the sweetest thing the other night I woke up and he was sleeping right next to me with his nose pressed against mine it was the cutest thing

  • Alicia Keiller

    This is so sweet! The love our pets have for us :)

  • Stephanie Dubois

    Mans Bestfriend! Pitbulls :)

  • Zakia Harrel

    true love >>> awwwee its so sweet I am gonna cry.

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A guy tried to tell me one time that women dont understand the connection men have with their dogs. It's the strongest bond Ive ever felt. Thats what I know.

Friends....., I trained my first rescue akita to let the cats play with him because he had a fan club of two cats who loved walking with us when I walked him.

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Well...hello! I can't believe I found this online. I have this same picture cut out from our newspaper - dated June 1, 2001. "Unusual Friendship" "Three years of daily meetings have fanned an apparent friendship between Chino, a 9-year-old golden retriever, and his favorite fish, Falstaff. The pair live at the Medford, Oregon, home of Dan and Mary Health."

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Weimaraner sleeping with a toy Croc,.. sleeps under the covers too....with paws out over the blanket.... What a cutie!

♥ look at that old doxies face and the cat's too ~ so content with each other. So cute please check out my website thanks.

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