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Bright Feather Owl (i think someone is playing with colors here- compare this pic to the same brown owl photo)

When I get goats they are toats mah goats going to get a castle!(:

The Goat Tower, one of only a few in world, Located close to Wolf Creek State Park on Lake Shelbyville. A goat tower is a great present for goats because they love to climb!

Snow Owl

Op: barn owls are probably my favorite, then snowy, then horned. I don't know, elf owls are pretty cute, too

Everybody Has Their Owl Problems

Everybody Has Their Owl Problems

This is one of the funniest owl memes. One owl is keeping changing his body shape, another one is obviously pissed off.

I love owls

This made me giggle. I get sad sometimes. You get sad sometimes. We love each other. DESTROY THEM!

Not actually a burrito. | Community Post: 20 Owls That Can't Get Any Respect

Owls are delightful bird, great hunters and beautiful model. Photographers say that there are birds that will never get tired to take photos, and who give lots of positive emotions. These birds are…

Absolutely amazing.

This is how I feel everyday...

Funny pictures about Self control. Oh, and cool pics about Self control. Also, Self control photos.

And out Yorkie, Lilo. We need to buy her a pair of knickers or a string!

Funny pictures about Deliciously adorable. Oh, and cool pics about Deliciously adorable. Also, Deliciously adorable.