$148 from anthropologie.... or 5 mins and $5 for cool fabric scraps and a couple beads

one-of-a-kind recycled-chic creations made from scraps of fabric. Just bought one for 3.00 at the flea market, score!


T-shirt cut up~~with poly beads

Fabric Scraps Necklace

Nice use of fabric and leather - would be easy to make these in all sorts of colour combinations

embroidered bracelets~ love these!

what to do with all your knick knacks ~ inspiration via Anthropologie. They are selling these for 399 dollars

bridesmaid gifts?

fabric necklaces.

scraps of material and coloured thread

5 minute t-shirt jacket

Scrap bracelts made with strip of cotten textile w zigzag stitch, waxed jute twine & a piece of bathroom chain


diy necklace

A very nice way to recycle scraps of fabric ... are often so beautiful I'm sorry to throw them away ...

How To Make Fabric Twine - using scraps of fabric, simply twist to make this twine. There is also a video tutorial on the post.

❥ Tory Burch wristies...

DIY idea - fabric scrap bunting