golden cocker retriever full grown, always looks like a puppy

This is a fully grown Golden Cocker Retriever. In other words, a forever puppy.

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baby goldendoodle.

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Husky Puppy

German Shorthaired Pointer - Puppies Are Soo Adorable With Their Little Sad Faces.

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Bernedoodle!!! Awesome dog! Would love for it to be my & hubby's first together!

golden retriever husky mix


i want to hug this so much!


British Short Hair Cinnamon Kitten Stays Kitten Size! Cute!

Can you pway dis wif me?

So much nicer instead of crates...more like a real den. And goes with the decor! Easy to make too...try gutting old floor model tv's!!! The hinged door is also a great addition! ~ Di

Boxer pup!