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    • Mrs. Howe

      Irish girl sunbathing. No....not that one....the other girl behind her. - hahahahahah the white girl will be me at the beach!

    • Brittany Beauchamp

      This is why I have a year round tanning bed membership! white girl problems!!!

    • Jennifer O'Brien

      funny stuff - Google Search

    • Jen Spry

      Yeah, that's me... LOL I'm afraid I'll blend into the white sand & get stepped on so I don't try to tan at the beach.

    • Gabrielle Veilleux

      Irish girls sunbathing | Funny pictures

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    It's practically impossible for me to tan! I just burn. Last year my brother and I did a ton of lawn mowing, and he got this great dark tan, but I was just a tomato with itching skin.

    yep. my life. Hahaha I seriously laughed out loud when I saw this.

    12 Problems that only busty girls have.....lmao

    Yep! And this is in "Health and Fitness" because protecting your skin is the most important reason to embrace your God-given skin color, whatever that may be!

    We all have those days. today is one of those days

    Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 81 Pics

    It looks like she is saying "One more!!" In the second picture! Hahaha I would love to be known for doing this!

    white girls. white girls everywhere.

    "Fine" in girl language means I hope you fall off a bridge, get raped by a shark and then eaten by it