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Porcelain | T-Shirt | Pale Shirts

Story of my life.


First world problems.

some of these are laugh-out-loud funny, only because I can relate... ~J

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23 Things Only Pale People Will Understand

| 23 Things Only Pale People Will Understand

The Berryfrom The Berry

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

My life.


This Girl Knows What’s Up

This little girl knows whats up!!!!!! lol


The problem with people like this…

The problem with people like this...


The NeverEnding Story…

My life story lol

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19 Problems All Women Who Love Cursing Know To Be True



Whenever I Start A Diet

Whenever I Start A Diet. I seriously think Arthur is my spirit animal!


How to Thriller…


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14 Crucial Things To Consider Before You Cut Bangs

Reminds me of many years ago when my Dad took my younger sister to his barber for a haircut, omg so Mom was so mad at him lol


Different Names For Things

Different Names for Things, snowman blood og acoustic motorbike 😅👍🏼


That’s an interesting book…

This is sickening. The advantages are endless. And no one, big or small breasted, has the right to tell me I should be different than I am. (P.s. we'll see who's laughing when we're 60...that is all)


Adulthood Tetris

so true