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  • Wanja Wemskog

    [SET OF GIFS] The Family Business. 4x13 After School Special and 9x07 Bad Boys.

  • Nicole Chamberlain

    Young Sam & Young Dean. Both Don't Want To Do Family Business. But They Can't Run From Their Destiny. @iowagirl357

  • Becky Dille

    Sam, Dean, & the family business

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So pissed at Sam here. He's done FAR worse thinking it was the right thing. Do we need to revisit Ruby? >>agreed.Yea, Dean lied, but so did sam. Dean has gone to, and made it through hell, and worse for sam. He has done so much. Sam and Dean have both had their fair share of mess-ups, and they've had moments like this before, but I have a feeling it's going to take a lot for sam to get over the whole "I wouldn't do the same for you" stage...

What episode was this? I don't remember this happening at all so I think I managed to somehow miss an episode or at least this part of an episode. If you know what it's called PLZ let me know.

Sam and Dean | Supernatural

"Do you have any Deans in stock? Where do I find the Sams? And tell me you do have angels of The Lord, in stock, preferably one named Castiel?"

"Don't you dare think that there is anything past or present that I would put in front of you!"


Sam and Dean from Supernatural. Wow....I ;)

Hey Supernatural fans! I have started a Supernatural group board called "Wayward sons on Team Free Will" If you wanna join leave a comment! Love you guys!

How I react when someone discusses computer stuff…

He was just trying to make Sammy's favorite sandwich. 9x07 Bad Boys

It has never been like that. I need you too see that Sammy, I'm begging you. Dean Sam in the Season 8 Finale. 8x23 Sacrifice

Sam and Dean Winchester ... our men for all seasons! #supernatural