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    Share your bathroom confessions with us.

    What’s your bathroom confession?

    Some things are better with texture. Only Cottonelle has CleanRipple texture to get you clean.

    You can always feel lucky with us.

    Go au naturale today. #GoCommando

    When you’re confident in your clean, you gotta flaunt it. #GoCommando

    Dare to Go Commando

    There might be #FiftyShadesOfGrey, but there’s only one shade of clean. #GoCommando

    We’re the only one that has CleanRipple texture. The rest just look pretty. #TheBachelor

    Toilet paper + CleanRipple texture = A cleaner clean. You’re welcome.

    Cottonelle’s CleanRipple texture gets you cleaner, so you can get lucky tonight.

    Getting your bum in shape can happen in more ways than one. #NewYearsResolution




    What's your bathroom confession? #TruthTuesdays


    #TruthTuesday: Stock up so you’re never forced to air dry.

    #TruthTuesday: Always replace the roll when it's empty.

    #TruthTuesday: Wash your hands after you go. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    #TruthTuesday: Be neat and wipe that seat!

    #TruthTuesday: If the only empty bathroom stall has a broken lock, hold the door shut so someone can use it.

    It's basic bathroom etiquette - leave an empty stall between you and the person next to you in a public restroom when possible.

    This flowchart should prevent any confusion when it comes to what you should and shouldn't do while you're in the bathroom.