....my next birthday in 2012: I will write a letter to myself to open in 10 years. I will mail it, too!

Bucket List bucket-list

read the Bible in a year - Check!


"Create a memory box and open it years later"☼☽☼☾...Add on pinterest: harrietvokes

See the monarch butterfly migration. Actually, I can check this one off. I saw the monarch migration in Roanoke when Matthew was about 3 years old.

By age 26

bucket list: send a letter to a random address and see if they write back

Bucket list bucket list bucket-list

Spring decor bucket list sign very cool idea for every year



bucket list

before i die

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still wishing #11:11


Bucket list! (Antarctica will be easier in a few years right?)

Bucket List Ideas

Yeah you really are!! All the things I want to do.. I want to do them with you!! So my little bucket list.. Im ready to check you off because youre mine!!!

16 years old! Three more years!!!! So excited!