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1980 Large Golden Dreams Vinyl Barbie Case... mom had one of these that she gave me from when she was a kid:-)

We've been over the moon since Astro Pops are back in orbit at! We loved them as kids, and now they are back and better than ever. Astro Pop Lollipops: 24-Piece Box

UK - Chupa Chups - Melody Pops - candy - November 2011 by JasonLiebig, via Flickr

Who remembers Squeezit?!?

80s toys pillow people mr. sandman, i LOVED HIM!!!

Alfie! Oh I loved you Alfie, when robots were simple and innocent, and kids were meant to be the smart one, not the toy. I think I love you still Alfie.

Childhood Nostalgia...i used to put these in the fruit baskets at our florist shop!

Fruit Wrinkles

Hotdog Gum

Bonkers! I loved Bonkers when I was little. In fact, I still think about this candy from time to time. Wish it was still around. :(

80's candy

A Trip to the 80s Candy Store

One of the many amazing treats i'd get at the Ben Franklin in Canton. Late 80s/early 90s candy was the shit.

Oooooooh......fruit-flavored candy sugar in fruit-shaped bottles. How many of these did I eat????? Yummmm.....(back in the day) CNA Training Class Loved the paint with water books. 80-s-toys

80's toys!!! Had too many of these... Still got the Rainbow brite doll

Pinner said-80's toys Lite Bright Just found mine in the attic of my parents old house a couple years ago!! - I have one I bought at a garage sale and I had one when I was a little girl and it was fun it still is now!!

Vintage toys. Check out the sweet colors. ;) couldn't be a Tupperware ladies kid without this set!

Fragel rock happy meal toys

candy cigarettes

Yeah :)

55 toys and games that will make 90s girls super nostalgic. This brings back so many memories!


Puppy Surprise, Puppy Surprise! How many baby pups are there inside? There could be 3, or 4, or 5! (There were always three)

5-Which toy from the 90s would you rather have? - The 90s - Fanpop