Gorgeous Eye Make Up

Pretty black & glitter silver eye make up. New Years. I think yes!

Sometimes I wish I had brown eyes so I could pull off looks like this; but then I remember that blue eyes rock.

Matte turquoise eyeshadow with turquoise eyeliner and perfect liquid liner. Beautiful brown eyes look great w/ turquoise

Beautiful eye makeup. A good balance between the heavy eyeshadow and minimal usage of eyeliner #eyes

12 Easy Ideas For Prom Makeup For Blue Eyes

huile de ricin fait pousser les cils utiliser une brosse a mascara propre la plonger dans l'huile de ricin (3euros les 100ml sur amazon de marque naissance bio) vos cils seront plus fournis ,plus epais et plus long rapidement voici pour la nuit,pour le jour mettez quelques gouttes dans votre mascara habituel et voyez le résultat en moins d'un mois finis les faux cils ou autre les votre feront revez :-)

Useful and Best Mascara Tips for You The eye is the most alluring feature on the human body and it is your eyes that attract people. So, you simply cannot ignore your eye makeup. Emphasis can easily be applied on your eyes by using mascara

Purple Shadow - Liking This Shade #makeup, #maquillage, #makeover,

Purple eye shadow and brown eyes! This definitely brings out my eyes! My eyes are a Darkish Honey color, when I use a purplish looking eye shadow it makes my eyes look like a caramel color!


White eye shadow used properly. So pretty & clean

White eye shadow used properly. So pretty & clean- I use white shadow all the time! It's a great way to brighten up the eyes and create a clean polished look :) love love love

the power of makeup - WOW!!!

The power of makeup and how-to make hooded eye shape "open" illustration--- holy crap that's Amazing