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  • Sue Lashley

    Teresa Wentzler "Carousel"

  • Anoewyn

    Intricately detailed carved horses parade endlessly to old-time organ music under the striped canopy of this ornate antique carousel. The floss colors are slightly faded, like the paint on your favorite carousel's spirited mounts, magically frozen in time... ...Careful!!! Don't lean out too can almost reach that brass ring...just a little farther...

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Hogle Zoo Carousel

This Indian Pony Carousel Horse is 64 inches long, is carved in Basswoodand, and features Turquois embedded in its trappings.

The first carousel to be seen in the United States was created in Hessville, Ohio, approximately 25 miles from Toledo, Ohio on U.S. Route 20 during the 1840s by Franz Wiesenhoffer.

Carousel rocking horse

White Carousel Horse



Teresa Wentzler "Spring Carousel Horse"

Teresa Wentzler "Summer Carousel Horse"

Teresa Wentzler "Carousel"

sea horse



San Francisco Zoo

Golden Gate Park

eagle - Guadalupe River Park, San Jose CA

humming bird - Guadalupe river park, San Jose

Carousel Horse..part horse part fish tail...


Carousel horses