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Words of Wisdom: If your dog doesn't like somebody - maybe you shouldn't either.

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Not sure if he actually sAid this but its true-> Van Gogh Dog Quote = Truth.

The Cat is Not Trustworthy Either.

"Yeah, seriously, my dog will run under the big chair but the cat bites! My dog will be your best friend but don't cross my cat!

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14 Fabulous Pets Dressed as Food-Related Things for Halloween

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hahaha, I feel like my dog says this a lot.

Sir, You threw the ball - except you didn't - You sir are a fucking asshole

enough said :)

Except I would say this backwards . Love dogs and therefore: Keep Calm. Its documented that having a dog lowers your blood pressure.


Money can buy a lot of things.but it doesn't wiggle its butt every time you come in the door. So true!

Thank goodness for dogs.

"Dogs are God's way of apologizing for your relatives." (This is funny because I really do love my family!

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Link to free clipart for this sign, plus other easy diy art

Great parenting advice given to me by my Mom while watching me fight a battle with a 3 year old that was not worth fighting but I had to keep fighting it because I picked it. :) Now I choose my battles carefully.

Anyone who beats or neglects  or does anything bad to cat dog or any animal deserves life in prison

I support increasing the maximum penalty for animal abuse and enlarging the definition. -- Make it a Felony so it Pops up on Every Single Background Check!

If you want something that's happy to be ignored, adopt a teenager. #rescue

Free, Reminders Ecard: Dogs are not accessories, furniture or lawn ornaments. If you want something that's happy to be ignored, adopt a teenager.

Boxing boxer. (Yay! Title Boxing gloves!)

Boxer the Boxer. I need my picture with this dog while I wear my boxing boxer boxers.

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