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Oh my goodness! These tiny foods are so cute. But considering my lack of dollhouse, I don't see a reason to make them just yet.

Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron produces amazing miniature food art scaled down to a ratio of just – smaller than a piece. Despite their teeny tiny size, his impressive food sculptures still manages to look almost good enough to eat.

Les plus petites sculptures du monde ! | HouHouHaHa

Incredible Miniature Food Sculptures Tel Aviv-based artist Shay Aaron constructs incredible miniaturized food sculptures at scale that look almost completely edible.

aww tiny things!!

Welcome to mini world

Lake Gordon I bet Derek Zoolander owns all of the above ;) Although there is more to life than having really really really tiny gadgets :P


box vox looks at dollhouse packaging — miniature consumer goods for miniature consumers?

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Finger food (1:12 Scale Food)

I like the fact she added a tea bag. details details....Tea Time by ~thinkpastel on deviantART

green and white teapot polymer clay and acrylic paint - Love the color and polka dots!