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    Zona Heaster Shue died in 1897 by what was called an "everlasting faint" but was soon given the name 'The Greenbrier Ghost' after she appeared to her mother and told her she had actually been murdered by her husband. The events surrounding the haunting led to it becoming the only time in American legal history in which the so-called "testimony of a ghost" was accepted at a murder trial.

    This is a list of unusual deaths. This list includes unique or extremely rare circumstances of death recorded throughout history, noted as be...

    Judith Tompkins was only eight years old when she disappeared in the late 1800's, Her father was rich and he dabbled in photography. This was the last image taken of Judith before she disappeared. Her father died in prison after being convicted in her disappearance. This image shows a hint that something else may have been at work. Mr. Quiet Movie

    Apr 26, 1913: Thirteen-year-old Mary Phagan is found sexually molested and murdered in the basement of the Atlanta, Georgia, pencil factory where she worked. Her murder later led to one of the most disgraceful episodes of bigotry, injustice, and mob violence in American history.

    This baby was three weeks old and was resting comfortably in her car seat when the mother took a picture - After the picture was developed, she saw the gray image next to the baby that appeared to be another baby - The mother had lost her first baby due to a miscarriage and thinks that this was her lost baby coming to watch over her newborn sister

    .}Born Audrey Kathleen Ruston, she would later change her name to Edda von Heemstra to protect herself from the Germans in 1940. Later she would take her famous surname from her great grandmother, Kathleen Hepburn and the rest is history{.

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    Before she died, model and journalist Peaches Geldof tweeted this selfie photo of herself, her son (Astala), and a ghost hand that unexpectedly appeared with them! She believed this hand belonged to a resident, female spirit who she said haunted the family.

    Eunuch - Typically the man was castrated in order to perform a specific social function, as was common in many societies of the past. Certain eunuchs gained immense power that may have superseded that of the prime ministers - such that self-castration had to be made illegal. Eunuchs castrated before puberty were also valued and trained in several cultures for their exceptional voices, which retained a childlike and other-worldly flexibility and treble pitch.

    This is a pic of one of the most well known spirits of Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Louisville, Kentucky who is known as “Mary”. She's been identified as Mary Lee who came to the Sanatorium as a healthy child, contracted tuberculosis, and died within the walls of Waverly Hills, where she still interacts with people to this day.

    The Hills Have Eyes is based on the Sawney Bean story. In 15th and 16th-century Scotland, Bean left home and took to the coastal caves with a woman where they lived for a number of years and had 14 children. The clan ambushed innocent passersby and murdered them for food. The family was hunted and brought to trial. At that time, they numbered 48, most of them the product of incest. The entire family was executed for the murder and cannibalization of over 1,000 people.

    Elizabeth Bathory, a serial killer is the largest in history, recorded approximately 650 human lives in her hands floated in vain. This is the achievement of a distinguished record of serial murder cases performed by an individual with the highest casualties in the history of mankind.

    That's really scary to know!: In 1993, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, age 10, kidnapped and murdered 2 year-old Robert Bulger. They were release at age 18 and given new identities. #crime #history #childkillers

    The story behind this photo is that a widow took this and saw her husband who died seven years earlier sweeping in the dark, back recess of her basement.

    Everything Was Fake but Her Wealth ~ Strange tale of Ida Wood, who checked into the New York Herald Square Hotel with her sister in 1907 — and never opened the door of her suite again until 1931, when the sister died. By then Ida was 93 and deaf, but far from destitute, thanks to 750,000 dollars in cash hidden around the room and 54 trunks of gowns and jewels in the hotel basement.

    Ghost Story By Virginia Walker. A pinner says: Here you get to hear my late mother Virginia Walker tell one of the best ghost stories you'll ever hear. If you believe in the paranormal and ghosts then you need to hear Virginia Walker tell her ghost story in her own words. I warn you its an intense spooky story.

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    Jane Bielawski and her doll 'Missy'. Following the suspicious deaths of some of her playmates in a New York tenement, police attempted to interview Jane. According to reports, the young girl went 'crazy' and accused her doll of the murders, before throwing the doll out of her apartment window while screaming, "Bad dolly! Naughty dolly!" Jane was taken to Bloomingdale Asylum to be treated for 'hysteria'. She was never to leave the institution, dying there an old woman in 1968.

    This picture was taken 2 years after the Amityville Murders

    Ghost Babies: A comprehensive article that explains the nature of postmortem photography. A must-read!