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    • Julia Fisher

      this one: 4ways to write a number. link: more FREE place value activity from Sheree at Peterson's Pad!

    • Erin Hastings

      4 Ways to Write a Number Worksheet

    • Hannah Buckingham

      Numbers & Operations, Communication - Math Numbers 4 Ways: Students see different ways to write a number, which can expand into lessons about why you can write numbers different ways...what IS a number? What does it represent? What are place values? How do you write numbers with words?

    • Shari G

      Room Mom 101: Teaching Place Value

    • Nichole Daily

      1st Grade Place Value Worksheet FREE Printable

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    Multiplication War - after multiplying, player with larger quotient collect both dominoes---or do with addition, or make two digit numbers

    Fun and motivating way to help students learn their math facts! Could be done with addition/subtraction for younger kiddos.

    Multiplication strategies foldable(equal groups, array, repeated addition, skip counting, and number lines)

    multiplication game! they pull out a cup and answer the fact, as long as they get it right, they get to keep stacking.. could use with add/subtract

    Fractions Bingo! Game. Print the gamboards and grab some dice! Fun way to reinforce fractions.

    Dance moves to teach subtraction with regrouping

    Earth Day Math Goofy Glyph for 2nd grade. $

    Worksheets: Line Plot

    I love Kaboom! i used it with my third graders last year with vocab. I like the adaptions with this game. Second Grade Style: math games...adaptable for many skills...BOOM!!!

    This is the vocabulary my students needed (but were missing) to describe the differences between quadrilaterals. The quadrilateral cut and paste activity really required students to wrestle with the definitions. The activity supports CCSS.Math.3.G.A.1 Understand that shapes in different categories may share attributes, and that the shared attributes can define a larger category. Recognize rhombuses, rectangles, and squares as examples of quadrilaterals.

    FREE 2nd Grade Measurement and Data Activities aligned with the CCSS

    This 11 page measurement activity book is aligned with the second grade common core standards for measuring in inches and centimeters. Children go...

    2.OA.1 - Word Problems 1 - Bar Model (Part-Whole)

    I hope this will help me explain this stuff to my kids :-/ Singapore Math - Addition and Subtraction Part 1

    Using bar models is a great way for students to organize information in story problems. Use snap cubes to help students bridge the gap between concrete and pictorial thinking!

    Great resource for teaching bar modeling! Includes steps to teach students how to move through the bar modeling process.

    Illustrative Mathematics - pretty great guide to teaching any math concept


    Connect Four! Addition & Subtraction math game FREEBIE!

    Geometry Unit and Symmetry Activity

    This is a winter fractions recognition and graphing activity available FREE on Students practice fourths with this activity.

    Fabulous Fractions Flip Book

    Spin and Color a Fraction! What a fun way to learn and practice fractions!

    Fraction Flip Books--intro to fractions. Prep books, give to kids to fill out. Then, sort into "I kinda know what I'm doing" and "I have no idea what's going on" to delve further

    Number comparisons for finding the difference in subtraction. Have kids color in & show the difference in subtraction. Connect to how many more /less word problem & # sentence