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Garden Zone 7-ft Green Metal U-Post

Pallet garden!


5 Ways to Get Rid of Garden Slugs - wikiHow

Great site for starting a garden when you're clueless

Quote: "It takes two hours to set up a 300-square-foot garden that requires no roto-tilling -- no digging at all! -- and, even in drought-stricken California, only needs to be watered every ten days or so."

Home crafted herb garden

DIY: a finished planter with built-in trellis

Part 2 of my "What Not To Plant Together" Series - The list might look long, but please, if you are planning your spring garden, don’t plant these together!

Standing Garden -- I have this and don't like it for these reasons: It does not have a big enough water well; it uses more soil than what you need; and, the wood sucks the water out of the soil. -- Deb

Egg shell dust for your garden! I have used this for 2 years and my soil is so much healthier.

27 MEDICINAL PLANTS YOU NEED IN YOUR GARDEN - Looking back, I realized that it was important to have medicinal plants around the house because you never know when you might need them. So here are a list of plants that have the highest medicinal value compared to the other million species around the world worth planting around the house. [...] 05/13/13

Strawberries in cinder blocks, what a great way to keep them under control. Plant around perimeter of the garden?

35 Pest and Disease Remedies

5 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in Your Garden - grow a healthier garden and keep pests away with this natural deterrent

Corner gardening

Outstanding "standing garden plans." The cement mixing tubs are very sturdy, BPA free and safe to grow things in per builder. I don't know the recycle code yet. - Deb

Cucumber trellis in my garden. I need to do this before my cucumbers get any bigger!

Raised-bed vegetable garden

Natural garden tips

Sweet Autumn Clematis. Zones 4-9. Fast growing- up to 30 ft in a few months (tall and wide). Blooms late summer-early fall. Tolerates most soil and sun conditions.