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Dutch Oven Temperature Chart

Dutch Oven Temperature Chart! Guide For Desired Cooking Temperatures, Number Of Charcoal Briquettes Needed. Using a Dutch oven temperature chart as a guide to achieve desired cooking temperatures is half the battle when cooking in the great outdoors! It’s part art and part science … so, let’s start the charcoal and get cooking! Tips to deal with Wind, Air Temperature, Altitude, Humidity, Cooking Methods and More!

How To Start a Fire After It Has Rained - While it may seem very difficult to get a fire started after it's rained, if you don't live in an incredibly humid place, learning the skill of getting a fire running while conditions are still pretty wet is actually not too bad.

Tip of Cape York

Remote camping spots: Jardine River, Cape York. At the northern tip of Queensland lies the Cape York Peninsula, accessible by air, or road during the drier months of the year. It’s a hot and humid part of the world even in the cooler winter months but has some of the most dramatic and colourful scenery the state has to offer.

The Unrivaled Canyon Hike In Wisconsin Everyone Should Take At Least Once

Moss and other flora grow on and out of the sandstone due to the humid nature of the spot.

How to Reduce Condensation In Your RV

25 Creative Ideas To Make Camping Easier & More Fun!

Without a doubt its SO much nicer to have a roll of toilet paper on your camping trip... But one of the inherent downfalls for a roll of toilet paper is it acts like a huge blotter absorbing the humidity from the air and making it almost useless. And too, that unexpected rain shower can turn that roll hanging on a stick to a blob of mush in short order. Coffee cans are wonderful for keeping your important papers dry and ready for use under any outdoors weather condition.

Let The Humid Season Begin

Dehydrating meat can be as simple as slicing up some lunch meat from the deli and drying it for a few hours in a food dehydrator. Once dehydrated, strips of deli ham, turkey, and roast beef can be eaten like beef jerky, or broken into pieces for use in a backpacking meal. With a little more effort, you can also dry ground beef, turkey, or chicken.

Agastache 'Summer Glow' - Lemon custard flowers glow against the deep green foliage of this most charming, drought tolerant plant. The dark calyx adds to the excitement. Plant with a Nepeta or Salvia and you'll have hummingbirds camped out in your garden. Blooms all summer. A great blender.