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Dutch inventors has created a pair of jeans that integrate a fully functional keyboard, mouse and speakers

The literal laptop: New jeans with built-in keyboard, mouse and speakers

"Beauty and the Geek" Jeans - with working built-in keyboard, mouse and speakers? Yep, Ridiculous/Epic, Awesome/Awkward Geek-Wear at it's best. Too bad they live in the Netherlands.

keyboard shoe wear

They're not the flashiest keyboard shoes around, but for those looking to add a subtle geeky touch to their wardrobe, this QWERTY keyboard shoe sole.


Pick a bad photo, apply a vintage effect & write something in Helvetica. - from Typography by edigu.

Necktie + iPod Holder

Necktie + iPod Holder - 10 Dual-Purpose Geeky Neckties You Will Be Impressed By

Keyboard Bag

I recently came across this sweet keyboard purse by Portguese artist Joao Sabino. I'm not quite sure if it's actual.

Might need some superhero socks!  Cape included!!! (@nicole shelby)

Superhero Cape Socks

Wonder Woman Socks w/Capes Jr Womens Knee-Highs for our 2013 Summer Super Heroes Amazing Race

GEEK FASHION / Nintendo Bag - Mushroom - green: Amazon.de: Games

GEEK FASHION / Nintendo Bag - Mushroom - green: Amazon.de: Games

I dare someone to walk in your door, see this, and not say "ha ha ha!" Other than your grandma.

Funny Doormat slide to unlock iphone ipod ipad apple style door mat 2 3 4

Colin Thompson - Underworld - 15" MacBook Pro Unibody | GelaSkins

Underworld by Colin Thompson for the Apple Unibody Laptops (Pro, Air, MacBook)

virtually obsolete

So Nerdy. You would not believe the reaction I got from first graders when I pulled out a cassette tape! Not mention the not-so-floppy disk!

Bras for Geeks

Handpainted Geeky Copy Paste Bra by SceeneShoes on Etsy