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This is so true.. to say it was a small part of my life seems like that's putting it lightly. Over thinking consumes you.

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Ladies 'Drunk on You & High on Summertime' Tank Top

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"We are all a little weird and Life's a little weird, And when we find someone whose Weirdness is compatible with ours, We join up with them and fall in Mutual weirdness and call it Love." ~Dr Seuss on LOVE. I love Dr. Seuss quotes!

So true, I never expected my husband but he swept me off my feet, turned my life upside down, and I love him so much for it <3

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Inspirational quotes

"If you want to know where your heart is, look where your mind goes when it wanders."

Relationships aren't for getting things. They're gor giving things. Never fall in love to make yourself happy. Fall in love to make the person you fall in love with happy.

Anyone can be there for you in the best of times, the one for you is also there in the darkest of times. Hopefully holding a light. #lovequotes

Mr. Marley always did speak the truth....thats why his words live on

Oh so true!!! Thank you Mama for raising me to be truthful and loyal because the worst hurt comes from friends who have stepped on me to climb higher and those who have been so deceitful for their own gain.

Inspirational Quotes, Nothing of Me is Original My most favorite quote, and is so true. I want this on my tombstone, but was original, and I was the, and knew

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A Woman Who Opens Her Heart (Live Life Happy)

A Woman Who Opens Her Heart