Create customized wall art by transferring printed pictures onto canvases. Find out how here:

So many photo transfer ideas! Great tutorial

Photo print transfer on leaves- would make an awesome family tree!

Hang a blown up balloon from a string. Dip lace doilies in wallpaper glue and wrap on balloon. Once they're dry, pop the balloon and add a tea light candle.

DIY Leaf Bowl autumn |

cute idea for pillows.

52 things I love about you. Cute gift idea - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

apply wooden letters on canvas and spray paint. crafts

Cool bed furniture via I love creative designs and unusual ideas on Facebook

My Aunt Gloria taught me to do this when I was about 8. How to make a wooden picture- Transfer picture to wood..

Simply framing your favorite photos doesn't quite do them justice. Try transferring your best prints onto wood. This creative display will showcase your picture perfect moments in a manner that's worthy of their greatness.

Craft Trends – Transferring Photos to Canvas

DIY Wall Art. Fabric on Canvas or Corkboard.

DIY - transfer picture to canvas

DIY canvas

quatrefoil stencil by martha stewart -

DIY distressed furniture. going to do this with my spare room bedroom set

diy canvas photo tutorial

This is the best tutorial I've yet found for that whole DIY photo canvas that people are into doing. So easy to follow, and encouraging. Takes just minutes. Imagine the gifts you can make for family and friends!

diy canvas painting

How to make canvas picture frames. Great idea.