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  • Kourtni Noll

    Joss Whedon. Don't care if I've posted this before, it's the gospel truth!

  • Flond

    Guns don't kill people. Joss Whedon does!!! Ahahahahahahaha TRUE STORY!!! #josswhedon

  • Simply Dreaming

    Guns don't kill people... #joss #whedon #funny #humor #movie #tv

  • Beth Janzen

    Guns Don't Kill People. Joss Whedon Kills People haha so true!

  • ERIK Botta

    Joss Whedon geek

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I saw this castle episode and died laughing. I replayed it because I loved it so much. If you ever watch his series castle, he actually gets a few good jabs in about firefly and what's even cooler, some of the firefly cast make guest appearances. "That Joss Whedon show."

Joss Whedon talks about his fans.

The Pants. The funny thing is, I've been thinking for years how much his pants go through with that whole "giant green monster" business.

Well I never considered the dye him black... but after seeing this (Tom Hiddleston before and after...) it might be correct....

Oh goodness. The end totally caught me off guard. This is the best acceptance speech ever.

Joss Whedon. If you can, find a video of this whole talk that he did. It was for an event and it is wonderful. This man is one of my heroes

I knew the "Keep Calms" would get me sooner or later.

Joss Whedon you look ridiculous, but I'll allow it...cause you're Joss Whedon and you make all my dreams come true.

so, we do realize though, that the generation who saw it all fancy and bright raised those of us who see it all damaged and dark.. right?

Oh, Link, I didn't even realize that you were such a lawn mower.