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In the 1950s Duz Detergent began a promotional campaign which involved including a piece of 22K gold-trimmed Golden Wheat dinnerware in each box of laundry soap. They began this promotion to gain sales over Tide detergent. Each month an additional plate, bowl or serving piece was added to boxes of Duz, to entice customers to buy the soap in order to acquire the dinnerware. Duz detergent gained immense popularity for offering this promotion. made by the Homer-Laughlin Company

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Vintage Cootie Game 1960s

cootie...we had this game growing up. My mom is actually looking for the old school version of this game. Instead, my niece bought her the modern one, but it's not the same.

Used for laundry before ironing - Yep and then rolled and put in a plastic bag.

vintage toy game metal playing toy JACKS and BALL SET jax I can remember playing jacks as a little girl. We liked golf balls better when we could get them.

I bought one for $50 from an ad in the paper, and it was the best washer ever! also conserved on water as we were on a well! invaluable tool this was, esp when it came to cloth diapers!

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Vintage Lucite 1960s Toy Klackers Clackers Click Clacks Ker-Knockers Klik Klaks

Toys From The 1960S | Vintage Lucite 1960s Toy Klackers Clackers...I had a set of they would be considered lethal weapons...jmw

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Vintage 1950's Tin Chein Friction Sparkler

Vintage '50's Tin Chein Friction Sparkler: Haven't seen one of these in some time..pump the button, spin the wheel and watch the colored sparks fly. #Toy #Sparkler

Dishes from Duz detergent boxes.I remember how excited I was when Mama let me dig down in the detergent a bring out a new plate or cup!

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Diaper pins! I was just 10 when my first nephew was born, so I pinned on many diapers with these preety little pins.


Woman, Housewife, is Outdoors, Hanging Clean Fresh Laundry on Clothesline

Monday was always wash day at our house when I was growing up! Old wringer washer and clothes hung on the line. Ummm fresh smell...

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7 vintage toy Kaleidoscope Paperboard Tube Steven Cross unmarked & Japan ?

this magical toy brings back so many childhood memories of awe and wonder in what BEAUTY means to a 3 yr old child. Blessed images like the stain-glass windows in the small church my family attended. And I loved the way the BIG word sounded when I said it "KuH - Li iii DEEEE oooooo kOppppp" ---- with a great big puff of air at the end.