I wish I had an iPhone, just for this - $20

FeedMe: storage iPhone case Probably not that secure, and would be bulky when you put stuff in it. But it's cute :)


Creative Useful Slide Drawer Style Iphone Case For Iphone 4/4s from Picsity.com

I wish mine did that! How unfair.

iPhone 4s CaseBest FriendDouble CasesiPhone 4 Cases by Chinacase, $13.99

I need this

Funny And Unique iPhone Covers

iPhone Toolkit Case // with blue pen, red pen, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, kickstand, nail file, tweezers, scissors and toothpick! #product_design

Baby Elephant iPhone Case

#Disney Stitch #Case Cover for #iPhone 4/4S

iphone photography case

iPhone case that prints polaroids!!!

charge case

Button iPhone 4/4S Case

12. Ombre - 12 Cute DIY IPhone Cases ... | All Women Stalk

90s Cool Retro Phone case Cover for iPhone 4 & 4S

Cute and functional wallet/mirror/stand case. Going to need this when I get the iphone.

Mermaid Flower iPhone Case