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And...she's out

Research shows naps can dramatically improve your life. So take a nap! Here's what scientific research says is the way to make your naps awesome.


Remove the flier.Take a picture if the flier, print it and post it where this one was.

Hilarious smart ass kids test answers! #funny #lol

Even though I play the piano, and I am NOT a big nerd (although some of my friends would say different), this is HILARIOUS!

one of those days

If it requires pants and/or a bra, it's not happening today.yep that's me on most Sundays!

For all those people who think parents are terrible people for letting our kids cry. Kids cry for no reason whatsoever hahahaha

This is Hilarious

Funny pictures about He's Going Places. Oh, and cool pics about He's Going Places. Also, He's Going Places photos.

Today that little boy would probably have to register as a sex offender.....Funny pic, but sad what this country has become!!!

Hilarious Pictures of the week, 70 images. It Turns That My Birthday Was Crazier Than.

It has been a long day & I am exhausted, so that might explain why this is making me laugh hysterically.

I laughed way too hard at this.I like this nick kid

haha - the best part is Robert Downey Jr's face!!

11 of the Strangest Reasons Why Kids Were Caught Crying.If I met Iron Man (in or out of costume) I'd probably cry too.TEARS OF JOY

LOL!!! :) / iFunny :)

"Alright, who started the game of Jumanji?" Funny Pictures Of The Day