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    This game is called Five Frame Pickup and involves rolling a number cube and picking up a matching five frame. If you roll a six, you lose a card! The player with the most cards wins!

    Perfect math chart for kids to reference during math!!! Comes in full color too!

    Here's a page with math talk stems.

    Great Daily 5 Math activity for 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade. Adding and Subtracting with Legos is an activity designed for teaching basic math using using manipulatives, group and individual work to play into better math skills.

    tens and ones anchor charts | Anchor chart ways to show tens and ones | Daily 5 Math Ideas

    Students practice the concept of recognizing and identifying numbers that are 1 more and 2 more than a number.

    Could be modified for third grade. Add in expanded notation with diff colors for each place value, one color for numerators one for denom., etc...

    MEGA Math Literacy Worksheets Activities - Down on the Farm. 100 Pages in total!! A page from the unit: Missing numbers cut and paste.

    Adventures of First Grade

    Kindergarten Common Core Number Strategy Posters: good idea for math journal entry...have children show a number 2 or 3 different ways


    ***My kids can literally not put these down! They would rather do this work than anything else in their day. I even find them Sneaking around to work on it.***

    Math story problem types (direct link to free pdf). Wonderful reference guide.

    FREE Multiplication Strategies - mini posters / reference charts for Maths

    FREEBIE Common Core Aligned Story Problems. Show answers in 4 ways!

    Math Coach's Corner: Math Games with a Deck of Cards

    Worksheets: Beginning Fractions: Halves & Fourths

    I made this ten frame out of a plastic tablecloth and black duct tape. The squares are big enough for kids to stand in so that we can do kinesthetic math in kindergarten.

    Kindergarten math strategies

    Outstanding free math CCSS resources from the NC Dept of Public Instruction, including the "unpacking" documents for K-5 that explain exactly what students need to be able to do for each standard. I repeatedly refer to this document when I have a question about CCSS math.

    FREE kindergarten math activity for practiciing shapes and graphing

    Solving Math Problems {Strategy Posters for Addition} Common Core. make into anchor chart

    FREEBIE 30 Common Core Aligned Math Skill Checks!

    Common Core?? Accountable Talk for Math - Question and statement starters for students to engage in meaningful discussion about math.

    Mean, Median, and Mode - This is for you Paula.