• Ebony Walton El

    Is it weird that I had NO problem reading this? lol I'll try making this my new daily routine!!

  • Christina Summers

    I really like the last bit. trying to find a schedule that works for me. working moms: what's your day like? when do you work out? Get your Skinny on Today!!! Order yours here---> www.SkinnyWithShirley.SkinnyFiberPlus.com/?SOURCE=Pinterest Looking for Weight loss support? Great Recipes and Much More? Join us on Facebook --->www.facebook.com/groups/LookinFitNFeelinFabulous/

  • Ellie Ford

    Feel Better :)

  • Erika

    Sounds like a pretty great morning routine to me! Maybe during the Summer...

  • Amy Shephard

    How Badly Do You Want This?

  • Missy Boitnott

    this is nice and all, but i already get up at 5 without a morning workout. and i can't bring myself to get up any earlier. 5 is already the asscrack of dawn, y'all!

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