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white stillness...

Winter Stillness down a snow plowed road by one lone snow covered tree.

Winter Wonderland...via: Romantically Vintage

this would be an amazing way to propose to some one in the best season. light a pathway with candles or something with snow on a ground and lead to a tree with lights on it

beautiful whites

It is a photo of a Christian church covered in white. Church is a holy place for Christianity (and for other religions as well), so I though the colour white (suggesting purity, holiness, etc.) goes on well with the meanings that churches have.

a few black stones is all it took....

Nature made a snow-bear! Polar bear sculpture created by snow accumulated on a branch. Via FB

Over the river and through the woods.

sleigh rides Is a romantic holiday snowy sleigh ride too much to ask for? In The Spirit of Aspen Kind of makes me wish for a white Christmas! So beautiful!

Winter in Amsterdam. Nothing special for natives, however it is for tourists

Ice-cycles at Amsterdam, the Netherlands.I want to go see this place one day. Apparently EVERYBODY in Amsterdam rides their bikes.

Country, Shabby & Rustic ... "See bottom of page"

this could have been my house growing up. the windowed room was cold , but we called it the sun room .

Original Desc: "Blue Beauty"  The moon just adds to the overall appearance of this piece.

Ela Enterprise on