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Here's to hoping your students appreciate you more than the government does. Based on my experience its about the same. The students are a little better. Only because they know the government cares little for them also.

I've lost my mind and I'm pretty sure the kids took it.

"I've lost my mind and I'm pretty sure the kids took it." - YOUR ECARDS - funny

Seriously.  I think I "enjoyed" seven minutes for lunch today! Ha! :)

haha 30 minutes eating lunch with 24 five and six year olds who all need help opening milk cartons, putting straws in capri suns, and getting their silverware out of the plastic, leaves soo much extra time for my own lunch ;


So, Mr. Politician Man, you want to tie teacher salaries to the state tests? Can we tie YOUR salary to the economy?

Average starting teacher's salary: $34,000. Average cable TV installer's salary: $42,000. Priorities, America.

Real talk about the average starting salary for teachers. And BY THE WAY where are teachers getting paid this much as a starting salary!