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Lado Tevdoradze

Daisy - Charcoal | 27 Stunning Works Of Art You Won't Believe Aren't Photographs

Lado Tevdoradze

Elina Ellis

Loui Jover; Pen and Ink, 2013, Drawing "the red umbrella"

Sherree Valentine-Daines 1956 | British impressionist painter

Norman Rockwell "After the Prom" (1957)


Andre Kohn

Familie aan de lijn Marius van Dokkum

Felice Casorati (December 4, 1883 – March 1, 1963) was an Italian painter, sculptor, and printmaker. The paintings for which he is most noted include figure compositions, portraits and still lifes, which are often distinguished by unusual perspective effects.

Oleg Shuplyak is a great oil painter from Ukraine whose art is simplistic yet cleverly uses people and the environment to create an illusion, mainly being a portrait.

Steve Hanks, top 21C water color painter, born 1949 in CA, paints that tough medium with unprecedented realism detail... ...BTW,Please Check this out: http://artcaffeine.imobileappsys.com

marcel marlier

Lena Sotskova

Tzviatko Kinchev is born in Sofia, Bulgaria and he is an extraordinary talented young man. #art

Lado Tevdoradze

Inge Löök

Ron Hicks 1965 | American Impressionist painter