Blade Runner - Rick Ross's interpretive concept of J.F. Sebastian's chess table and chess set is an amazing work of art. It has to be the coolest Blade Runner inspired build ever! Rick took 2 years to make it. The chess pieces were sculpted from scratch by Rick based on HD screen captures of the film.

I love this chess table.

This Silvered and Gilded Bronze Vasari Figural Chess Set rests on a board of silver framed polished Italian onyx 1

Dragon Chess Set Priced $102.95. Categorized under Toys & Hobbies >> Games >> Board & Traditional Games >> Chess >> 1970-Now. Condition: New. Dragons and knights fight a timeles batle over this medieval fortres and the treasures hiden within. A stuning take on the clasic game of strategy, this ches set is a true wo…

Gothic Dragon Furniture | Gold and Silver Chess Set Table with Sculpture Beneath

Black Chess Pieces

Chess Set and table

chess set

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A multiple level 3D chess board. Made of walnut, each block is at a different height to add a fun and artistic factor to the classic game of chess. With a proper workshop and a few pieces of walnut lumber, you can build your own 3D chess board in less than a week. This craft is both appealing to the eye and also a great way to test your skills of chess in a whole different way.

Medieval Warrior Themed Chess Set

Samurai Chess Set. Really cool and a good idea to build off of, maybe a larger incorporation of a Banzai tree. Variations of metal chess pieces from a custom made chess set

Steampunk Chess Set, A little over done.

Elizabethan-themed chess set

Amazing vintage steel chess set!

Natural wood chess set

Lord of the Rings Chess Set - Fantasy Chess Sets - Dragon Chess Sets

3-D Dragon Pewter & Glass Chess Set

CHESS ♜ Beautiful Chess Set in Wood