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    For some time now I have been using a new natural weight loss product I saw on TV. I have already lost 27 pounds!

    I thought he was hot before, but seeing him with a soccer ball just takes his hotness to a whole new level

    so glad they make em like that. ♥ n hes from my high school i knew my town was special!

    Honorable Mention: Zac Efron (I used this picture because he looks more age-appropriate to be on my list. He's not. But at least he kind of looks it.)

    Zac Efron, ummm pretty sure it looks like he is working out in Santa Monica..which is..only where we were!!! Twice I might add! Where was he when we were there?!?!?!?

    he's coming out in a new movie!! The Lucky One...read the book..... must to see it

    Zac Efron...this is for all of you who only think I have eyes for Ryan and Chan Chan....I'm an equal opportunist

    Zac Efron for Cassandra Ernst who loves boys in hipster spectacles. You're welcome. ;)