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Examples of Evolution

Voice of Reason

Funny Confession Ecard: Girls: ' I like to hang out with guys cause there is less drama' Me: ' I like to hang out by myself- cause there is NO drama I don't have to wear pants'.

I can't come into work today because I'm sick of this shit :)


@Liz Mester Kopach the brain tumor!

I love grumpy cat


Stages of procrastination. Pretty much have done this for 21 years of my life haha. Never gets old. Same thing every time. lol funny-stuff


I'll trade you this but not my Charizard

Things Are Getting Serious!

Starting the day off right

only a few more days of Shark Week...pay attention! #SharkWeek http://ow.ly/i/2PADk


hahaha this is really cute!

For my husband. We laugh each time someone says this. Haha....maybe a baby dinosaur or tiny little ninja.

epic parenting

...that's how I roll...