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Rich's Pink Pig ~ Christmas Ride ~ only a little older than me :o)

I remember these....

1962 Sears Christmas Book. We would peruse this book and circle everything we wanted for Christmas! I always wanted this dollhouse!


My son's first ornament.

1942. The war effort needs the phone wires, so don't call long distance this Christmas!

1960s pink dove soap ad by CapricornOneVintage, via Flickr

Sears Christmas Catalog 1975 I remember these toy stockings, look at how BIG that freakin stocking is & how cheap it is!!! Crazy how times have changed.

Tickle Deodorant

I loved my little suitcase record player. And those 45's. :o)

aluminum tree

(this is a fantastic photograph) Wearing an apron to protect your limited wardrobe. Apron's had multi-purposes.

Bobby Sherman--bet he'd like to destroy this picture

ARNOLD!! Ziffel the pig from Green Acres

Barbie and Ken - 1963 Eaton's Christmas Catalogue

1966 Sears Christmas Catalog. I loved my quilted robe.

Trolls!!! SO cute!!

Kathy at Christmas, 1955

My favorite Christmas mug.

ME ~ in Forest Hills Library ❤ being the Librarian ❤ I was a geek LONG before it was unpopular :o/

1956 Sears Christmas - Kitchen sets