• Rachael Bulow

    lionhead dread. Ahhh the graphic design in this is awesome.

  • c l a i r e c o l l a r

    Dreadful Lion Man.

  • Tica Kanyar

    rasta lion head

  • Marilyn Welling

    Dreadlocks lion or Rastalion

  • Erin Susann Hudnall

    Dreadlocks are a historic tradition. This hair style has been symbolic in the Rastafarian Movement since long before the 1960's, but this time period was defined with the growing rastaman community. Having dreadlocks symbolize a human's fear of their god. Dreads on a lion head represents the Lion of Judah (Jah), and also expresses the Rasta rebellion against Babylonian culture.

  • Kiera Longley

    I like the faded out colour used in this image, it makes the red in his shirt standout. I also like the dreadlocks creating this illusion of humanity animals .

  • Cindy Joubert-Kelly

    Cool photo manip . The dreaded lion.

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