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Final Fantasy VI The best one ever!!!! Then 8 and 7 Too bad the franchise went weird like in 13.... Hopefully they can redeem what they lost

Final Fantasy VI - Celes and Locke

Final Fantasy VI Locke cool drawing

Unfortunately I skipped Final Fantasy VII, but Final Fantasy VI was played on our little grey box and I still play it with our current black box. Long live FFVI.

Ok. Terra, Locke, Edgar, Celes, Sabin, Setzer, Cyan, shadow, Gau, Relm, Relm's grandpa, mog, yetti?, never met this guy, and Kefka.

公 佳 - Final Fantasy VI - Locke Cole

Really? The most important and crucial moment of VII was...Aeris' church? Ugh. How I hate fanboys sometimes. She's a horrible character. There. I said it. And frankly, they stopped being good after X.

FInal Fantasy VI Locke Cole

The Only Death Scene in Final Fantasy That Makes Sense