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Even toddlers should have simple chores...train them early:)

Job Chart

Job Chart Are you tired of nagging your kids about chores -- and hearing the same excuses? A magnetic job chart keeps track of who has done what. How to Make the Job Chart

I love this chore chart idea... Use paint chips on poster board, laminate, and use wipe-off marker to write the chores you need done. Each kid gets a different colored sticker. Chores get counted at the end of the week for allowance. This lady pays her kids a nickel for each chore which seems silly to me. I would at least start out at a dime. diy

-well maybe not Fun but it is FOR THE KIDS Chore Charts & Allowance: Teaching Kids Financial Responsibility


10 Creative Chore Charts to Motivate Your Kids!!

COOL: Saying This is how I contribute to my family instead of calling them chores. Links to FREE Downloadable Chore Chart you can personalize.

"Contribute to my family" chart instead of chore chart We are so doing this! I love their family rule chart too :)

Mama Gets It Done: Chore Chart and Reward Coupons

Reward Coupons rather than treats or toys! Chore Chart and Reward Coupons-rewards for activity of parents' choosing