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Upcycled Crochet Rug, free pattern for general round shape

How to Make a Rug {14 projects}

Crochet around rope light to make an outdoor floor mat. this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Brown Nautilus Rag Rug, hand knit from (mostly) men's clothing and some recycled t shirts. $890. See this rug and more at www.rugsfromrags....

Crocheting around rope light to make an outdoor floor mat. So Cool!

look like Mama Lillie's

Finally, an actual pattern for the big floor rugs! Big Stitch Crocheted Alpaca Rugs! - Big Stitch Alpaca Rugs - the purl bee

Here are some really cool and interesting ways to reuse your old bed sheets.

Crochet around rope or yarn to make rugs, baskets, trivets, etc. Faster than braided or sewn rag-rug method.

crochet rug

crochet basket - single crochet around felt

Emily Kircher makes these beautiful crochet rugs from old t-shirts and sheets.

crocheting with fabric

What you DON'T want: a visible join when crocheting in rounds. This tutorial shows you how to get an invisible join with crochet, using a great technique.

Old Bed Sheet rug tutorial from Creative Jewish Mom, featured @totgreencrafts

starting a toothbrush rug

Crochet rugs from sheets!

DIY rug!!

Plaited Rug from old T-Shirts

this looks easier than the toothbrush rug

Braided rag rug, then machine sewn

Toothbrush Rugs Stitch | Hook, Yarn, and Needles the Old Stuff

I took 5 toothbrushes and ground off the brush ends, made points and made them thin and smooth. These are needed to push the strands of wool material thru the braid in the body of the rug.

toothbrush needle for rug making

How To Make A Rag Rug (Toothbrush Rug) AlpacaBytes « Dutch Hollow Acres -Rectangle