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Remember to ask yourself...will the cool/artsy/textured background MAKE SENSE when others see the photo? "Why is she all dressed up, leaning on a wall, with stairs leading to a plywood door of an underground bikers' club?"

family pose Love how the mom is looking back at her kids to make sure they are fine

Amber Miller - The set-up the resulting shot:

Cute family pose... though I would maybe have dad do something other than hand in the pocket to look more connected. I like the way Mom's wrapped around his arm.

Really impressed by the artistry of Amanda Holloway and her style of photography for senior sessions.

Senior Posing... Images like these are what lights a fire under my ass to keep pursuing a career in photography

I was browsing Pinterest and thought this pic looked like Chris's sister Lacey and when I embiggened it, I discovered that it IS her!! Taken by my other beautiful SIL Lora. It's a small world on Pinterest!! Anyways, aren't they cute?! Short answer: Yes, very.

I cut this pic out of the Anthro mag. years ago cuz I wanted that hair cut... didn't cut it but I still like it