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    • Wendi Bailey

      S H Green Stamps! You could buy some neat things from a catalog when you collected enough stamps after buying groceries etc.!

    • Charlotte Jones

      I remember helping my mom stick these down in her little book!! I think she traded them in for things. green stamps | s and h green stamps

    • Angie Rogers Geels

      I remember getting these when we went to the grocery store and saving them and then going to the green stamp store to buy something with your stamps.

    • Kathy Vaughn

      S green stamps! Remember them well....remember going to the S Greenstamp store to get the goodies!

    • Donna Smith

      S Green Stamps, my parents saved these, I remember going to a store to redeem them for household items.

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    wow ugly! I think they still might make these....

    My Mom, Grandma and Aunts sat under one of these with curlers in their hair when I was little. I always loved watching them fix their hair.

    Vintage Acrylic Photo Cube 70s Decor... Incredibile, questa ce l'ho!!! Era dei miei nonni, ci sono dentro le foto di mio fratello...

    tub washer with wringer - In 1956, my mother got one with an "automatic release" button in case your hand started to go through the ringer!!

    pyrex butter dishes - we keep it out so the butter would be soft & easy to spread

    I sooo remember one like this hanging on the clothes line, holding the clothes pins.

    S in atomic Tupperware form - on our kitchen table all my growing up years! You could put toothpicks in the center!

    My mom used this type of washer when I was a kid. I remember wringing out clothes through that wringer on top!

    This is the only kind of pony tail holder my mom could use in our hair. We had tons of different colors and then she tied a yarn ribbon around each tail! Our yarn came from Pinkie's Ben Franklin in Ranchmart!

    I remember playing with one of these when I was a kid. I'm not sure what they're really for.

    I loved going to the redemption center with my mom and trying to convince her to buy me things with her books of stamps. We also had Gold Bell Gift Stamps at our local stores.

    Vintage Hair Dryer--I used to sleep with my hair in curlers and this on my head all night long.....today 15 minute blow dry and I'm done!!!!