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Shift Word Choice in the Favor of Emotion by Herschell Gordon Lewis via marketingawesomeness #Writing #Word_Choice

This is bloody INCREDIBLE! Just follow the link to the website and click on any of the individual resolutions. They will direct you to a new website spotlighting the given resolution.... MUST DO| 101 creative resolutions. What are yours? Got a link? ☁ ☁ ☁ Poster by Adam Bailey, copywriter, and Irene Pau, art director, with Rethink in Toronto. ☁ ☁ ☁

I love great ideas for getting my creativity flowing. I also love the simplicity of Melanie's checklist! Creativity Checklist by Melanie Duncan

Not that I don‘t love people I have in my life, I really do. But with so much confusing thoughts in my head staying alone in some beautiful place is exactly what I need right now more than anything.

thediaryofthegirlwiththehatfrom thediaryofthegirlwiththehat

The poem above my desk