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color easter eggs with kool-aid, no vinegar, great smells!

Dye Easter eggs with Kool-Aid and get rich saturated colors. Add one packet of Kool-Aid to cup of water and stir. No vinegar needed because Kool-Aid has citric acid in it.

{We are so doing these this Easter}    Marbled Easter Eggs How-To ~ these decorative eggs are made using shaving cream and food coloring

Having an Easter Party?

Beautiful Marbled Easter Eggs using shaving cream and food coloring ( Sullivan Tot School) totschool.

Dying Easter Eggs | Dye Your Hair with Kool-Aid

How to Dye Eggs with Kool-Aid

As if dying Easter eggs wasn't enough fun, imagine how cool your kids will think it is to dye them with Kool-Aid. Plus, your kitchen will smell delicious!

This has several different ways to dye eggs. I need the practice for when my precious gets older and can do it with me. I'm so excited!

7 Cool Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Easy ways to decorate eggs. I want to try Chinese tea eggs and Jack could do rubber band eggs and speckled eggs.

How To Make Your Own Dye Using ONLY Kool-Aid & Water

Blue Skies Ahead: Secret Message Easter Eggs dies with Kool-Aid!

This is a fabulous idea! Put small glow sticks in plastic eggs. Then hide them in the house and turn off the lights for the hunt. awesome idea if it rains on Easter!

This is a fabulous idea! A friend took small glow sticks and put them in plastic eggs. Then hid them in the house and turned off the lights for the hunt. Must remember this! How about a night time Easter egg hunt in the backyard?

Ramona wanted to tie dye eggs... using oil! great idea! from Room Mom 101: Preschool

Oil and Food Coloring Marbled Eggs. Swirly Easter Eggs 2 Tbs Vinegar, 2 Tbs oil, food color and water

Cool! I love the idea, I've done something like this but for Halloween; you've been booed instead.

You've Been Egged! A free printable

Cute for neighbors with kids Free Printable. Post on a friend or neighbor's door and hide eggs, a great reminder of what Easter is all about! I love the empty egg idea!

Easter eggs:  1. Boil eggs.  2. Crack shell.  3. Dip in colored water (food color)  4. Peel shell off.

boil eggs, crack the shell, then reboil in colored water.these are awesome! I don't reboil I just let them some in food coloring and water. Best if you put a drop right in the middle of the crack in your egg before putting in water!

Dye eggs in muffin tray.  We did this last year and it was fun and less messy!

Use muffin tin to dye eggs.it dyes half the egg! Neat idea but the egg is not emerged in the water.