*Everyday the cat and the horse meet at the same spot on the ranch, greeting each other with head butts and giving each other bathes and love. This is an incredible friendship.

cat ♥

...this touches me so.....

*Beautiful Appaloosa

Gorgeous !

Horse and dog

Horse and cat

True compassion: Elephants are among the most emotional creatures in the world.

cat hat :)

Wild Horses

Cute cat and horse friendship

*A cat that lives in a farm in Pennsylvania has been a frequent visitor to the pig pen. There are many pigs in the enclosure, but kitty knows there is one buddy he wants to hang out with. According to Toshio Kishiyama, the two seem to spend a lot of time together as if they are the best of friends.

Farm friends

Tabby Kitty Adopts Bunnies

horse, cat

Nothing stands in the way of friendship

HORSES ADOPT ORPHANED DEER A fawn was spotted wandering alone in a field near Subenacadle, Nova Scotia, Canada, but managed to survive with the help of his new foster family of horses. Once the horses took him in, the fawn never left. He was able to survive summer and fall without his mothers milk. We guess all he really needed was a lot of love and tender care.

Augustin, a Race Horse, and his stuffed crocodile. Doesn't go anywhere without it. Big animals have their stuffed friends too. Too cute. : )