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Divergent funny

She literally has no bruises in the entire movie (apart from her knuckles). It's like nobody punched her. did her shoulder automatically HEAL from the bullet wound she received in the first book and movie (yes, this was in the movie. Max shot her) in time for the entire second film? In the book, she was still injured. And because she was injured,I knew Tris could do anything, and still be strong

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Late night thoughts (16 photos)

Of course I read it!

Shai just gets around...first Miles Teller, then Theo James and now Ansel Elgort...all of which are in Divergent!!

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that was Leo's boy in an Elsa wig and he decided to do it after he saw Frozen, in which Leo joined him with a matching wig and do shows before bed every night for Calypso.

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18 Timely Halloween Costumes For 2013

Macklemore Divergent funny

Gotta love Four! Join #DivergentNation to support INSURGENT by Veronica Roth. Support the brave #TeamDauntless

Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Mortal Instruments, percy jackson and the hunger games again (sugar cubes)<<<< LOL HUNGER GAMES AGAIN BECAUSE THAT MOVIE HAD TO HAVE EVERY GOOD LOOKING ACTOR IN THE WORLD<Pretty Little Liars

From the beginning I honestly thought that a bunch of selfless people put together would be a really BAD idea #point proven ~:)

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Pi Day - coming up

Pi jokes never get old...happy life day!!!