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Ty Audronis’ setup, complete with autonomous flight capability. The sticks on the right can control the drone directly, like a traditional RC, while the computer helps run a DJI guidance system.

GD Advertising released the below infographic that details how marketers can use Pinterest to their advantage.

Advocacy is driven by the depth of conviction, and influencers typically are less committed to the product or company than are actual customer advocates.

DIGITAL MARKETING "The Importance of Visual Content #Infographic #Socialmedia #contentmarketing".

Apple (Canada) - Why You’ll Love a Mac, or two.

Great list of things teachers should do (or at least, think about!)

Varför och hur företag ska använda Google+ för att öka sin marknadsföring på webben.

16 Best SEO Tips for 2014. SEO has changed a lot the last years and for those who want to be successful with their SEO better rethink their approach. #SEO #Marketing

Tools for Ipad vs. Chromebook tools: What can I use for..? .#infographic

Sanho HyperJuice Plug - Unlimited battery power for ipads/iphones on the go

This is a collective resource of software that can help you get a job done a little better or a little faster than before. || Film and TV industry apps.