How to Make Your Resume ROAR (Results Oriented and Relevant) in 10 Steps

10 Easy Steps to a Better Resume

This inforgraphic is describing the step by step process of said tracking systems. Learn it, live it, love it.

Top 10 Resume Tips for 2014

Are you looking for a job? Common mistakes that you should avoid in resume and job hunting. Spelling mistakes on resume. You don’t get a second cha

Congratulations! Your resume and cover letter impressed the hiring officials...but that is just the beginning! How do you answer those difficult questions? How much should you say in response to each question? What is the definition of appropriate dress for an interview?

7 Steps to a Perfect #Resume #careers

You can make your resume irresistible to employers with these simple steps to improve it.

Tips For The Perfect Resume And Cover Letter from @Forbes & @Ziprecruiter #jobsearch

Write A Killer Resume In Seven Easy Steps?ref=pinp nn If you are looking for a job then your resume (or CV) is the key document which will either get you an interview or put you on the reject pile.  Most recruitment agencies and most recruiting managers receive hundreds of resumes and they typically scan each one for 15 seconds or less so it...

10 Best Resume Tips for 2014

Top 10 CV / Resume Mistakes

Here are 6 not-so-obvious resume mistakes to avoid! Be sure to always proofread!

Ever fill out a resume and think, “God, this looks so bad and yet I do not know how to fix it?” Resume tailoring site Resunate, recently put together an infographic about common resume mistakes and how to avoid them. You will never have those feelings again. Check out Resunate‘s list of resume mistakes below. (via

10 resume writing tips from an HR Rep -


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10 words you need to delete from your LinkedIn profile

Resume Tips

Follow these three steps to get the best job references from your former colleagues.

Some great #resume writing tips! #careers