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Ezgro Original Hydroponic Garden Planter

Space saving garden. I'd put this on wheels and move it around to get more/less sun.

LOVE this vertical garden! by Miriella, via Flickr

Hydroponics at Home // Gardening can be a rewarding and therapeutic activity- unfortunately, many urban dwellers will never get the chance to experience it! Using current hydroponics technology, the Auxano concept was designed to enable city dwellers to grow their own produce effectively and efficiently (and without mess!) within the space constraints of city living. Its innovative oxygenating pump system means no electricity is needed for the product to operate. Designer: Philip Houiellebecq

Hydroponic Solar Vertical Garden by IrisDragon #Garden #Hydroponic #Vertical

Aswome set up. I love the self watering system.

The basic configuration includes three bottles that act as plant holders, a bottom reservoir to capture/hold water, and tubing to move water through the system. It also utilizes a small air pump that uses water displacement to elevate the water up to the top of the system, where it can then trickle down through each plant.