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HONEY SCENT.. sweet honey balanced & rounded by hints of powdery wildflowers, vanilla and sandalwood. If you need a strong honey scent, this is it! Works wonderfully in candles, soaps and toiletries.

DIY Home Fragrance recipes! This woman is a genius- "buying scented candles is literally burning your money" so instead she simmers common fruits and spices!

from Nordstrom

'Figuier/Fig Tree' Scented Candle

This candle is Everything...The warmth of fig wood, the freshness of its leaves and the milky sap. $30

Natural Room Scents: Add fragrance to your home using simmering waters infused with spices, herbs, & fruit. Simmer in pan on stove top, or heat and add to slow cooker set on low; add more water as it evaporates. Refrigerate until use. Use as centerpieces for guest to take home; add floating candles; give scented jars along with a mini slow cooker;


With DIY Home Scents, You're Home Will Always Smell Amazing

DIY Holiday Home Scents Bring the scent of the holidays to your home with this quick recipe. Before you know it, the scent of orange and cinnamon will be wafting through your home, warming the air with spice and cheer.