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Keep bugs out of the sandbox with all-natural bug repellants such as cinnamon & black pepper! Just mix a cup of cinnamon in with the sand and it will repel ants, centipedes, flies, and even neighborhood cats. Black pepper is another

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No more flies!

Hmm...Another pinner said "This conditioner hack also works with jeans". I should remember this

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What to wear (and what to carry on) for long flights. Love this list. Although I disagree with wearing flats only for long haul flights. I think you should def. have socks on and most likely compression socks for safety.

33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know ~ Use toilet paper rolls to keep your necklaces from tangling!

12 world famous replicas found in Alabama

Building a home without a mortgage seems like an unrealistic dream to most people, but with patience and a detailed saving plan it is possible. It takes time to accumulate the money necessary to build a home without any debt and it might need to be built in phases as the money comes in. You miss out on the instant gratification of a new home right away that you would get by taking out a mortgage, but think of all the ways you could use the money that would normally go toward a house payment.

Best Canned Food Storage For Emergency Preparedness

I have been using a method called SOAP for my daily Bible study/quiet time. It has been a great learning time for me.

Tomato plants like deep watering. Why waste water when you can make a simple reservoir delivery system. Neat idea. The photo says it all.

How to repair a hole in the drywall - the EASY way! I have used this method for years and It works very nicely for cracks and small repairs.

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How to wash hats without ruining the shape

Instructions on how to fix an iPhone 5 screen that is cracked like mine!

Potty Training a Puppy? We have a Fast & Easy solution! Over 40,000 dogs have been successfully potty trained with our system. Works as Fast as 3 days! Please visit our website for more details: ModernPuppies.com

how to sew a perfect teeny narrow hem- Wish I had known this secret ages ago!!

An Easy Way to Answer the Question: What Do You Want for Christmas?

This is how you are supposed to paint a room. (10 tips for a perfect paint job)

How To Paint Trim: a complete tutorial for transforming an outdated house just by using paint!

Includes cooking times for electric pressure cookers, and the liquid:grain ratio for all rices and most grains.

Pressure Cooker Recipe Converter - convert conventional and slow cooker recipes to the pressure cooker!

Bar Stool height reference..... Not only used in bars, but also at home for a breakfast bar